Our Mission

The Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Interpersonal Violence is a project of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities.

The perception of the Human Trafficking phenomenon as being only sex trafficking needs to be debunked. Human Trafficking has many faces, and one of the main focuses will be to broaden the definition of trafficked and exploited people.

Our goals:

  • To raise awareness through local and regional activities with community partners
  • To educate through seminars, lectures (online and face to face), art projects
  • Target groups: students in the region, law enforcement, prosecution offices, medical personnel
  • To be a source for media, researchers, policymakers, an e-library
  • To build coalitions with community and regional agencies and partners and the Department of Labor
  • To start a discussion

We expect the Center to become a first-stop resource for scholars, researchers, policy makers, activists, the media, and others who are seeking information about Human Trafficking.

Please Join Us.

Dr. Stepanka Korytova, Director