Immigration crackdown enables worker exploitation, labor department staff say

Trump policies have caused panic among undocumented workers, preventing labor officials from conducting investigations and enforcing employment laws. And, this is how the undocumented are related to human trafficking.

Lack of cooperation by immigrant workers threatens to disrupt a key function of the labor department.

Some Cities Undaunted By Attorney General Crackdown On ‘Sanctuary Cities’

The Justice Department this Monday mentioned that it is going to adhere to the executive order to hold $4.1 billion in federal grants from sanctuary cities. Some counties, however, claim that they will not follow the order. One county in particular, Travis County, is not following suit. This recording explores the potential consequences of being a sanctuary city in the year of 2017. For conversation’s sake, a sanctuary city does not have to be a city. It can be a state, a county, or any jurisdiction that permits residency to illegal immigrants to help them avoid deportation.

The Story Behind the 11 million Unauthorized Immigrants in the U.S.

NPR’s All Things Considered recently took at look at the history of how the U.S. came to have so many undocumented immigrants.

This is a history of the changes of labor immigration to the United States and governmental attempts to regulate it. Any changes in the immigration laws have to take into an account U.S. economics. The U.S.,. as a rule, has benefitted from the labor imigration. But – do the immigrants always benefit?

Listen to the story below:

WITF’s Smart Talk Discusses Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

WITF’s Smart Talk recently hosted two experts to discuss the problem and impact of human trafficking in Pennsylvania and the U.S.

From WITF:

Shea M. Rhodes, Director of Villanova’s CSE Institute, discussed the scope of human trafficking and forced prostitution and society’s approach to aiding those victims.  Dr. Susan Mapp, Professor of Social Work at Elizabethtown College, described the impact these crimes have in Central Pennsylvania. Mapp also pointed out that there are other forms of trafficking besides sex trafficking; she also talks about the people who are vulnerable to be trafficked.

Listen the the episode here: