What we do

“Human Trafficking is a pressing global concern and a multi-faceted subject of academic inquiry. Whether investigating its complexities for purposes of political advocacy, global understanding, and/or critical scholarship, human trafficking is a reality we must engage and explore through its many manifestations.”
– Hillary Khan, Director
Center for the Study of Global Change
Indiana University at Bloomington

The Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Interpersonal Violence was founded in order to share how human trafficking impacts our region, the U.S., and beyond. On this website, you will find stories, resources, and statistics centered around improving the plight of those suffering in silence. To learn more about the Center, visit Our Mission and Coalition Partners pages.

Images (clockwise from top): Migrant Farm Laborers courtesy of Gerry Dincher; Child Labor on Garment courtesy of Arturo de Albornoz; Domestic worker washing window courtesy of Truthout.org; Child Labor courtesy of Shawn